About the Artist


Donna is a lifelong resident of Vashon Island, Washington, where, with her husband Stan, she raised two daughters. She is a self taught artist. She is also an accomplished quilter.

Color and texture have always drawn her attention whether it is the color and texture of fabrics, the paint peeling off an old car or the visual and tactile qualities of a flower petal from her garden. Donna is a very detail oriented person... working with transparent watercolor she carefully layers each color to develop the depth and luminosity of her subjects. It takes approximately two weeks to do one painting.

A wide range of subjects have sparked Donnaís imagination. Old cars are a favorite. "They have so much character! One always wonders where itís been and what roads it has traveled." The flowers from her garden are always an inspiration or capturing the personality of a child or family pet in a portrait.

Her two Jack Russell Terriers Nelson, Niles and Dixie are frequent subject matter.




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